Jody Sargent is a Senior Environment Artist with 15 years experience in the games industry.

Jody began her career by achieving a first class BA(Hons) in video game design before moving to London for her first industry role as a junior environment artist at Headstrong Games. Here she worked on titles including House of the Dead: Overkill, Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest and Dancing with the Stars.  Jody then moved Double Six games to work on All Zombies must Die before returning to Headstrong to work on the wacky Rabbids Rumble.  Jody then moved to Splash Damage as an environment artist on the free to play PC shooter Dirty bomb before landing her role at Rocksteady studios. At Rocksteady Jody became a senior environment artist with a large role in Batman Arkham Knight, the Arkham Knight DLC and finally on creating the thrilling batcave for Arkham VR.

Jody is currently a freelance environment artist and has worked on several freelance projects remotely.  Services include initial consultations, full pipeline of environment art through from planning/ pre-production and blockouts to end optimisation.  Additional lighting and other work can also be provided on a per project basis.  Jody has also worked on multiple VR projects and has full knowledge of optimising for different platforms. 



I am a freelance senior environment artist currently based in Chichester, UK. I have fifteen years’ experience in the games industry and eleven shipped titles including AAA game Batman Arkham Knight and five VR titles. I am a passionate artist that also has a keen interest in lighting, design, VR and team leadership.


3Ds Max / Maya/ Substance Painter/ Substance Designer/ Photoshop

Zbrush /Marvellous Designer

Unreal Engine / Unity

World Machine/ Speedtree / Agisoft Photoscan

Perforce / SVN / Jira / Slack/ Git/ Hipchat/OneDrive/Zoom


High poly modelling both hard surface and organic
Low poly modelling and full baking workflow
AAA VR Experience
Texturing, PBR, photo realistic and hand painted
Environment composition and lighting
Mentoring Junior artists and team leadership
Lighting and Level design experience


February 2017 Present - Freelance – Senior/Lead Environment Artist

Firesprite - Senior Environment Artist

        Unannounced Title

        Details coming soon

    Silver Rain Games - Senior Environment Artist

        Unannounced Title

        Details coming soon

    Absolutely Games - Senior Environment Artist

        Unannounced Title

        Details coming soon

    Blue Canary/ SalesForce - Senior Environment Artist

        Various virtual production spaces

        Creation of various virtual production spaces such as offices, business parks and treehouses in a stylised art style to match Sales force design.

    Xsolla – Lead Environment Artist

        Indie Games Carnival/ Game Dev carnival

        Sole environment hired to create fairground environment plus booths for a virtual gameshow where exhibitors could display their work, videos and customise their booth with banners and colour         schemes.

    Kite and Lightning - Senior Environment Artist

        Bebylon Battle Royale

        Sole environment artist on a stylised VR brawler responsible for VR environments and large scale environments for the short film.

    WhatBoy Games - Trials Of Fire  

            Responsible for the look and execution of all of the 3D elements of the game including the hub, battles arenas and overworld

            Problem solving and executing the seamless transitions between all of the areas in order for the whole game to take place In a 3D book with arenas springing from the pages

    The Mocap Studio - Lead Environment Artist - Crystal Maze USA

            Creation of a VR sci fi zone level to be played by celebritys in Nickelodeons Crystal Maze USA

    Salix Games - Senior Environment Artist - Du Lac and Fey - Dance of Death

            Sole 3D environment artist on a point and click adventure that seamlessly blends 2D and 3D to create painted looking worlds in Victorian London.

    Curiscope - Senior Environment Artist - Operation Apex

            Sole environment artist on a room scale underwater experience VR title responsible for three large underwater biomes

    Mr Kite - Lead Environment Artist - Glimpse

            Sole environment artist on a VR film winning Raindance Best British UK Experience.

    FaceDown FX - Senior Environment Artist - Unnanounced Title       

    Glowmade - Senior Environment Artist - Unannounced Title

August 2013 - February 2017 - Rocksteady Studios - Senior Environment Artist

    Batman Arkham VR -PSVR

            Responsible for a key environment, The Batcave.

            Asset modelling including photogrammetry and texturing.

            Level composition, development and optimisation for VR

    Batman Arkham Knight PS4, XBoxOne, PC

            Responsible for six environments including scene composition and lighting in Unreal

            Asset modelling and texturing. Team leadership on DLC levels.

July 2012 - August 2013 - Splash Damage - Environment Artist  - Dirty Bomb - PC

            Responsible for ownership of levels on an FPS game.

            Modelling and texturing assets and building environments in Unreal 3.

March 2011 - June 1012 - Headstrong Games - 3D Artist - Rabbids Rumble 3DS

            Characters, particles, lighting and environments for a stylised 3DS game

June 2010 - March- 2011 - DoubleSix - 3D Artist - All Zombies Must Die: PS3/XBLA/PC

            Responsible for modelling, texturing, lighting level assets and props.

            Creation of particle effects using cascade and character modelling.

            Responsible for overseeing junior and work experience artists.

August 2007 - June 2010 - Headstrong Games - Environment Artist

    Lord of The Rings - Aragorn’s Quest: Wii

            Full ownership of levels from the block out stages right to final quality.

            Responsible for modelling, texturing, lighting all level assets and props.

    House of the Dead Overkill: Wii

            Created props for in-game and cut scenes including vehicles and guns and characters.

    Dancing With The Stars- We Dance: Wii

            Managed a small team of artists. Rendering dance sequences and compiling in After Effects. 


2004- 2007 Southampton Solent University, Southampton

First Class BA(Hons) Computer game design

2002- 2004 Farnham College, Farnham

AVCE Art and design AA

AS Media B

AS Information Technology B