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We get to wake up

With "We get to wake up" I wanted to be able to create a short and touching story around this old world war two Jeep. The aim was to show the old World War relic sat abandoned in the snowy weather.  As the seasons change the scene shifts to becoming beautiful showing change and progress.  I entered this in to the Artstation "Journey" challenge where it received an honorable mention out of around 400 participants.  

I made the video using Matinee and had different tracks to control the animation timing, flowers opening, cameras, music and the materials reacting to the seasons with things like melting snow and changes to the trees and landscape.

The scene uses fully dynamic lighting in Unreal 4 and I setup Truesky for the sky which I hooked in to the lighting with blueprints.

I also made the VFX forthe scene including simple snow, dust motes and mist.

Software used : 3D Max - Zbrush - Substance painter - Substance Designer - Agisoft Photoscan - Speedtree - Truesky - Unreal 4 - World Machine  - Photoshop - Premier.